Friday, 20 October 2017

I Demand A Recount!

Photo heavy post!

I got 55 Dreads to fit onto the 2x2 before loosing the desire to get the Exodites of Telvig Wraith Lords pit as well , which would have taken it to 63. . .

55 with room to spare.

19 (or 24, depending on if you count the Deathwing Knights), Dreads for the 40k Lion's Blades.

2 Talons for the 30k Dreadnought army.

Storage hasn't been kind to one of the metal venerable dreadnoughts.

The Knights of Blood Dreads

The Hounds dreads.

The Exodites of Telvig Wraith Lords

And the Chaos helbrute family tree.
All the boxes are now back upstairs, just got the Librarian Dreadnought arms in my box to magnetise the hands tonight.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Long Fang Time

Today I am went down to Manchester to meet my dad and watch Blade Runner on the Imax at the Print Works, before I did that I picked up some agrax earthshade from the GW store, they have changed the window display to have the Titan accompanied by a lot of tanks. While in the store I ran my idea for the family tree past the staffer and handily showed him a photo.

He zoomed on the RT era Chuck at the front and asked what it was.
Yes I felt old and checked that my k9 teeth hadn't suddenly grown.
So my plan is simple, have the 3 files, of 3, the 3 metal dreads on one side of the board, the old plastic, Blackreach and Ironclad in the middle and the Deathwatch dread, Contemptor and Redemptor on the right.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Last Plastic Dreadnought, For This Month

And the base of the metal dread as well.
So this is it, my army on parade is finished!

It was an ugly buy with the arms glued, they are an interference fit, they don't need to be glued.

It looked better with just the nuln oil wash on the base coat.

And detailing done.

I started on the bases as well.

I have a late finish tomorrow so won't be touching anything and I'm watching Blade Runner with my dad on Thursday, so it'll be late Thursday or Friday morning that'll I'll actually get them all on the board to see how they look.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Base Line

To get The Hounds ready for next weekend I checked the bases to see which I hadn't done anything on and brought those to paint tonight.

Quite basic paint job of grey with white road markings on the Fat Alberts, the Hounds says 31 and the Lion's Blades says trucks 69.

As both were here I photographed both together

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Armies On Parade

A bit of a departure for me, but I went down to Wigan today to pre Order Ruinstorm and sort out some paints and a box of Aggressors, while I was in the store I asked the manager if I could borrow one of the store tables in a couple of weeks for half an hour to get some photos of the loyalist dreadnought family tree, the manager suggested I enter the lot into Armies on Parade as it'll be open that week. I have finished the Ironclad and have a metal one and a basic plastic one to paint so I'll get those out of the way this week and then look at getting bases painted.

So I dropped into the local timber merchant and got a 2 x 2 board that I've just sprayed black as I have no time to really build a full on diaorma.
A black board and 9 ( I think) white dreads will stand out.

Friday, 13 October 2017

Ironclad Dreadnought

After replacing this one on the to do list with the Blackreach dread, this was the first one to get painted this month.

Usual nuln oil wash over the Kharak stone base coat.

Then 3 thin coats of white on the body.

I still have the 2 alternative arms to paint, which I'll do probably next week as I'm planning on starting the Mk1 chaos dread in the word barers colours first.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Monthly Vow, The 12th Of October To The 12th Of November

Success! Vow completed! Well of a sort, I dropped the Ironclad and did a Blackreach dread instead,

But I got 5 of these painted from the 12th to the 30th.

The GW plastic Contemptor was first.

The metal venerable dreadnought, still my favourite pattern of Dreadnought, and so far looks good in every colour I've painted it.

I had orginally planned for this plastic Venerable Dread to be the one entry for plastic on this tree but ego drove me to buy more.

This was the second one bought as the first never arrived. The plan has now changed for this Dread, I'm thinking of running this as a Sergeant in an Aggressor squad, will buy those this month and hopefully mount guns from the kit on the chuck arms.

The Blackreach dread that I flipped for the Ironclad, so I'd have a few for the photo at Warhammer World.

Hunting for prw hewes World Eaters. . .

I do like the view from this angle.

Had a bit of Warhammer World hangover so didn't really do anything til I was back at work, apart from priming the sprues and getting black on the Hellblaster squad and the Redemptor Dreadnought, although I forgot to turn the sprues over on that and so only did it half black.

I took my time building this, partly because of work and partly just making sure it looked good.

I've painted it up for the 9th Company

And the Hellblaster squad was done as well, again painted for the 9th Company.
On to next month's Vow.

An old metal dreadnought, a plastic dread and an Ironclad for the Hounds.

The Chaos Mk1 chuck that I'm taking options on tempted to do this as an Imperial Fist Legion Dreadnought that was loyal to Horus bit will ask on 40k For Grown Ups and see what they say. These are all for Dreadtober.
On top of these are a 2 Aggressors for the Hounds and a Sgt from the Mentors, and looking at a Caldius Assassin as well and possibly another plastic Cypher if I can find one to start an Inquisition Warband.