Wednesday, 13 December 2017

January Project

The past 2 nights I've been sequestered in hospital, and I have one more shift here before I gladly go back to my normal location. The reason for this aside and insight into my working life is I've had time on my hands and during a conversation on Facebook last night about which character(s) in 40k could do with being killed, Marneus Calgar's name got banded about more than once.
Now I'm not a fan of Poppa Smurf but I think a better end for him would be to have his jealously stoked to such a degree by the Primaris Astartes that he goes full Luther and takes several chapters worth of Ultramarines Successors with him to Chaos and becomes a Dæmon Prince.

I've picked this up dirt cheap on ebay and am looking at a fine cast version in power armour for the eagle head back pack to hack up for additional decoration on the prince, I'm not sure about a head though I don't want to go to dæmon looking so might see if I can finesse a Terminator helmet on there.
The reason I'm keeping the Ultramarines details on is a huge 2 fingers salute to Rowboat and the Primaris Astartes.
Will need a Dæmon Prince mini some blue paint and a new pot of gold for this. As I've said this is absolutely the first major project in 2018, will it lead to a Fallen Ultramarines Chaos Army? Not planned to as of yet.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Monthly Vow, 12th of December to the 12th of January 2018.

Last one for 2017.
To do list, paint Enorm Björn, Timberwolf, base The Hounds and get their razorback painted up, so 3 to paint and a few for basing.
Review time, oh it's mostly Timberwolf and Enorm Björn in my photos gallery. . .

The metal Wolf Scout

The 3 Plague marines from the First Strike box painted up as corrupted Consecraters.

Both Björn and Gregor got a dawnstone dry brush.

Made a start on the bases, as well as fitting in the las cannon dev squad.

Not a trace of the red is showing.

That back view does not look pretty, got a plan to cover the battery with some Cork board, cover with the textured paint and either a lamp post or a smoking explosion marker to hide the wires.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Hounds B F G Squad

For the Element Games tournament in January I ran my list up and was able add a las cannon dev squad in there, I also have enough points to fit in either a land speeder or a Razorback.

As these have been seconded from The Knights of Blood they needed a re paint, 2 thin coats of Kharak stone first.

Followed by the nuln oil wash and 3 dry brushes of white on the squad.

And then I actually looked at the Sgt and noticed he had a plasma pistol, so had a points cost chat with a mate of mine about points costs as I had left the marine codex at home and was working on my Guard Army, I could afford it just.

And one of one of my cats in a rare moment for this guy, actually hugging me.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Drop The Base

Played with the textured paint last night and the spatula you apply it with on the biggest free base I have

Then gave it an agrax earthshade wash

Then a dry brush with Dawnstone

I also tried it on some smaller bases.

Friday, 1 December 2017

If You Go Down To The Woods Today

Björns, bloody thousands of um, well 4.
Owing to a serious issue with the Warp drive and what the lady that showed up in blue box assured us is mirely a cross dimensional metaphaseic cascade we have several versions of Björn the Fell Handed running around together. from a fresh Blood Claw

To him at Prespero

To his early dreadnought form

up to the M 41 dreadnought version.

The alternative time line version where Cawl rolls out the Primaris before Rowboat takes his 8000 year nap is still awaiting paint but I need to work on some bases before I start that one.

The Inquisition Ordo Chronos has dispatched Agents Sapphire and Steel to investigate.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Wolf Scout

Another one of those surprise entries to the to do list for this month, a Wold Scout Sgt that I'm adding to the Björn project.

I also started to paint the 3 plague marines as corrupted Consecraters.

Base coat of Eshin Grey and am agrax earthshade wash.

Then a dry brush with the dry paint Dawnstone and then detailing.

And no real plan on these yet.

Bouncy Bouncy.

Had a thought the other day, it's Christmas next month, the one month of the year I don't plan to buy anything usually. Which would leave me with the whole 12th to the 12th with no objective, a bad place to be according to my old CBT course.
So seeing as I've waited most of the month for the bits to arrive for one of them and I was saving a bit of cash on the other by only going to Wigan once so I can buy paint and the Chapter Approved book on Saturday, I'm bouncing both dreads to next month's to do list, as well as the las cannon dev squad for January.

The buying list for next month is the Zinge Industries bendy ammo feeds for the Aggressor squad and their power cables for the Hellblaster Squads as I'm using the heavy plasma gun versions (I never learn), DA Codex, cards, and dice and the easy build Redemptor Dreadnought.
So as you can see I'd have 1 planned thing to paint at the tail end of my month.