Monday, 19 March 2018

Bases Done

Just that, finished off the Star Leopards this afternoon after a days first aid training. I know I wasn't going to do leopard print but my sense of humor overrode my sense of decency.
As well as slipping in the Crimson Sabers, as I couldn't fit them into the box to do on nights.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Mk4 Star Leopards Squad

Finished the squad from the other day while at home on a rare day off.
Added the temple Guard blue to the lenses and just waiting for Martian dust to dry so I can add an agrax earthshade wash to them.
I also did the bases of the Vanguard Veterans Squad as well as getting a photo of most of the squads that will make it up this army.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

2 Done, Squad To Go

I started my last squad for the Star Leopards chapter the other night, the first night was mostly building and base coat, the second  night was mostly layers and details, wasn't able to do much as I was actually having to do my job most of the night.
I hustled one through and got it finished by adding a dry brush of Troll Slayer orange and then went with the Temple Guard blue on the lenses and small pipes, I'd also use them in the wax part of purity seals if I used those on the minis to contrast with the orange colour.
I know I said I wasn't going spotty but I also added some black dots to the shoulder and a blue cross to represent a star as a chapter badge.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Testing, Testing

Pulled these 2 out of storage, I had at first thought to use them both as test pieces, but after trying the arms out I thought I'd use the robed guy as a Captain / Lieutenant and dig out a 3rd marine to use as a 2nd Lieutenant.
I started off with a base of the XV-88 and a nuln oil wash, and after a chat with the Wigan store manager who suggested Tau Ocher as a layer.
I later gave them a light dry brush of orange.
I thought these would be a fun thing to do alongside the Harlequin Land Raider.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Early End To The Month

With the changes to my plan this month I'm freeing up my memory space a bit early, yes I'm a squad short of reaching my vow but I can't finish my plan as I've changed it and couldn't get to the shop to buy the paint I need.
So the plan for next month is to get to Wigan on Wednesday for the XV -88 paint to finish the squad , and also do the Harlequins Land Raider, possibly buying the diamond template for painting it . I'm also looking at picking up some Land Speeders, at least one for a Talon Master.
On to my review of last months work. First up was the squad of mk4 marines that I painted up trying to match the captain I'd done last month, and then the squad of Hellblasters. Next up was the squad of Intercessors for the Mentors Chapter, again for the the Ordo Astartes strike force.
Then there was the 2 squad of  Inceptors, just short a few shoulder pads but I am using all the weapons from the box so that's understandable. There was also the one for the Hounds with the full face plate. I wouldn't mind a 3rd full one in the box if I was doing another squad.
And alongside everything else I fitted in several bikes to bring my 3 2nd Company squadrons up to strength.
So 7 days before I start on my next month, let's get some reading done, I've been putting Preatorian Of Dorn off since before I got Ruinstorm so I'll try and finish that off along with Use Of Weapons by Iain M Banks.

Bump It

Owing to financial and planning issues I'm looking at bouncing the last squad of mk4 marines to next month, as I've decided to paint them for the Star Leopards chapter. I'm not going with a Bet Lynch leopard print look so after asking around for suggestions a mix of tan and black seems like a good idea, for a tan colour as I'd rather not mix it and get varied colours across the squad I'm looking at the XV 88 paint for this one, just needs to get to Wigan on Wednesday for the paint.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


It was like the Top Barn on Bank holiday weekend here yesterday!
Bikes and black everywhere.
So I found where I'd miss counted, I had 9 bikes in squadron 2. This does leave me a spare biker again as I took the second chainsword Sgt out of that unit.
Squadron 1 has the light blue base trim,  squadron 2 has the red base trim and squadron 6 the has the black base trim.